Saturday, September 1, 2007

តើអ្នកអាចចាំបានឈ្មោះខេត្ត/ក្រុង, ឈ្មោះស្រុក/ខណ្ឌ ព្រមទាំងឈ្មោះឃុំ/សង្កាត់ទាំងអស់ នៅប្រទេសកម្ពុជា ឬ ទេ? បើអ្នកមិនអាចចាំ ឈ្មោះខេត្ត/ក្រុង, ឈ្មោះស្រុក/ខណ្ឌ ព្រមទាំងឈ្មោះឃុំ/សង្កាត់ទាំងអស់ នៅប្រទេសកម្ពុជាទេនោះ, ប្លកនេះនឹងជាវិធីរក មើលឈ្មោះឃុំ/សង្កាត់ បានរហ័សទាន់ចិត្ត ព្រមទាំងរាយឈ្មោះស្រុក/ខណ្ឌ, ឈ្មោះខេត្ត/ក្រុង សំរាប់អ្នក

បើអ្នកមានបញ្ជីឈ្មោះភូមិ សូមអញ្ជើញផ្ញើមក "Khet Krong of Cambodia" ដើម្បីបន្ទាន់សម័យ(Update)

ក្រុង ភ្នំពេញ ខេត្ត សីហនុ ខេត្ត កែប ខេត្ត ប៉ៃលិន

ខេត្ត កណ្តាល ខេត្ត កំពង់ចាម ខេត្ត កំពង់ឆ្នាំង ខេត្ត កំពង់ធំ

ខេត្ត កំពត ខេត្ត កោះកុង ខេត្ត ក្រចេះ ខេត្ត កំពង់ស្ពឺ

ខេត្ត តាកែវ ខេត្ត បន្ទាយមានជ័យ ខេត្ត បាត់ដំបង ខេត្ត ពោធិសាត់

ខេត្ត ព្រះវិហារ ខេត្ត ព្រៃវែង ខេត្ត មណ្ឌលគីរី ខេត្ត រតនគីរី

ខេត្ត សៀមរាប ខេត្ត ស្ទឹងត្រែង ខេត្ត ស្វាយរៀង ខេត្ត ឧត្តរមានជ័យ

បានបន្ទាន់សម័យ ៖ ១០​កុម្ភៈ ២០០៨


MENG ANN said...

i like it

loy man said...

Plumb-Line shows a unique basin by Matteo Thun

"Designed by award-winning Italian designer Matteo Thun, in conjunction with respected Rome manufacturing house Catalano, the limited-edition Samoa basin challenges the assumptions of traditional basin design," stated Plumb-Line’s CEO, Geoff Wallace, upon displaying the product to clients.

Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia construction materials, the New Zealand-based bathroom supply’s distributer’s CEO continued on the complementation: "Samoa brings the fluid lines of a South Pacific atoll to your bathroom. In addition, the water drains invisibly from the basin via a concealed drain, adding to the magic of the piece."

Eventually, Plumb-Line was also self-promoted via Wallace statement: "We display everything from baths, tapware, vanities and sanitaryware through to bathroom furniture," he says. "Visiting our expansive 300m2 showrooms will give you a comprehensive idea of what the New Zealand market has to offer generally."

Chhunmeng KabKab said...

A house of picturesque nature by Lisa Saville

"The house cantilevers over a clifftop, and has great sea views to the east, and picturesque meadow views to the north. There are also clerestory windows on the west side, so the top floor appears to float above the lower level. Consequently, it was essential that the kitchen provide a strong visual anchor at one end of the room." said architect Lisa Saville of the featured kitchen design.
Hence, the designer chose transparent glass doors to maximize the view from one side of the kitchen and its follow-up dining table, as this space is the key area in the house, as delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials.
The architect further with the design description: "Cooking is a social event, and the kitchen is always the hub for entertaining, but because the kitchen is such an integral part of the living area, we wanted to separate some of the more functional aspects. The ovens are tucked around the corner on the right, virtually out of sight of the rest of the room, as is the refrigerator. And there is a scullery where all the messy things can be kept hidden. Other utility rooms – the laundry and a powder room – are also enclosed within the space behind the rear wall of the kitchen."